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timber oil

If you are looking for a nice, soft, natural, and clean-looking finish, Wood Oil is going to be your number one choice. When you are looking to improve the natural appearance of the timber, timber oil is your best choice. Wood oil is a protective and decorative wood finish that you can apply on top of a wood stain or straight onto the raw timber and lumber.

After staining or oiling decks, may be applied on the wood to provide a protective layer. In contrast, oils-based staining goes deep into the wood, creating a protective moisture layer right below the surface. 

Water-based stain for decking will provide a long lifespan because the product is sitting on top of the wood, while oil-based products are penetrating into the wood giving a very traditional appearance.

Decking oils penetrate deep into the wood and get to the grains, providing a protective layer from inside to outside. Decking oils are designed to protect the natural colour of wood, replacing oil found within the timber that may vaporize or wear off over time. 

timber oil

The timber oil is designed to penetrate porous surfaces and protect the timber from the inside out. It is designed to reach deeply into the wood, replacing natural oils lost through time due to weathering, as well as offering a deep-seated defense against splitting and drying, and coloured oils will reveal colour to graywoods, giving them a new appearance.

Additionally, Deck Oil will also boost wood colour, good for anyone that likes the natural colour of their wood. Wood oil is used as a finish as it helps preserve wood while bringing out the natural beauty of wood.

A quality oil can bring out the inherent character of wood while adding a nice shine or shine to the surface. Wood oils may help to protect wooden furniture, however, they will not protect wood quite as well as lacquer and varnish. 

Unlike stain, which is similar to a varnish, timber oils serve as lotions for wood. Timber oil needs to be applied to untreated, unvarnished wood, but there are cases when you can apply timber oil on wood that is already stained.

Like Danish oil, Teak oil will soak in deep, making it a great choice for hardwoods like Teak, Mahogany, and Rosewood. Suitable for both outdoor and indoor wood surfaces, teak oil beautifies wood grains while protecting them from UV light and water staining. 

You can use a slightly coloured oil to enhance the beauty of the wood, as well as adding some protection, without dulling the features of the wood grain.

Generally, oils that will darkeren your deck will provide greater UV protection than lighter colors or ones that will not darken your wood. 

While both staining’s and deck oils offer a broad range of tones and colours for natural wood, only the deck oils offer a clear or a natural option. 

Also, the purpose of a decking oil is not to alter the colour of the wood, though it can darkener the hue depending on the type and exact brand of oil used. If your deck is made from an expensive hardwood, such as teak, then you will certainly want to use decking oils that will improve the natural appearance and grain texture of expensive hardwoods.

If the deck is made of, say, Merbau, teak, or Jarrah, then you are more than likely going to want to use oil to enhance the natural beauty of the wood. 

While the weather and other outside factors may over time dull your wood decks natural color into a gray patina, this oil-based decking product has been developed to counteract that, whilst adding your chosen coloured tone to the woods natural look.

In short, if you are looking to give your boards a splash of color, staining wood offers the broadest array of shades, with solid or semi-transparent finishes, whereas decking oil is best if you are looking for a colorless treatment that soaks into the wood for protection from the inside, instead of creating a layer over top. 

As a rule of thumb, darker-coloured decking oils provide better UV protection than lighter-coloured or clear-coated decking oils. They help replenish the natural oils of your timbers, keeping your wood well-nourished and soft, while oil works from the inside out, helping to prevent the cracking, splitting, and warping of the planks. Decking oils are easier to apply, cleaner, and easier to keep.

Australian Deck Stains & Oils penetrate deep into the thick, pitch-rich timbers to compliment regular depth of timber and patina. C

edar wood decks, panels, frames, fences, siding, musical instruments soak up the Tung Oil beautifully and helps build up nice even protective film on wood surfaces. By applying layers of wood oil, you are building up a lasting, glossy finish on your surfaces, which will protect your wood floors and exposed surfaces.