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Experts say that a good guideline is to wash dogs once every four weeks. If your dog needs to be washed at home, be sure you purchase pet-safe shampoos for them. When washing at home between cleanings, make sure you fully brush the dogs coat to help prevent mattes.    

Silky-coated dogs require frequent trimming of hair to maintain a good coat condition and to prevent matting. Silky-coated dog breeds have a single coat of fine, sleek hair that grows continually, and they must receive periodic trimmings to keep them clean and prevent matting.    Show Source Texts

A dog with a double coat of coarse, wiry hair may require grooming more frequently than one with a smooth coat. For dogs that have shorter hair and double coats, you may need to get them brushed every quarter or season.    Show Source Texts

Cat and dog by the window

Many dogs that are short-haired will have shorter coats and will require only occasional bathing and brushing. Short-haired dogs need the least grooming, at around 4 times per year, though may require a bath between, particularly if they spend much time outside.    

Short-haired dogs also do not need to get their haircuts, except when a veterinarian requires them for medical reasons, as cutting happens so close to their skin; thus, it is easy to hurt them. Long-haired dogs should also get bathed once in 4 to 6 weeks, and their hair should be trimmed once every 8 to 12 weeks. Dogs with silky hair also need more frequent bathing because they have oily skin and little to no undercoat.    

Silky dogs also need frequent brushing in between cleanings, particularly long-haired dogs. Some dogs with mid-length hair will also need to get a haircut every few months to keep them from getting in the eyes, as well as keep the underside of the coat mat-free.    

These dogs will get their coats down seasonal, and you will want to have them brushed, combed, shaved, and mat-free at least once every three months. Many wiry dogs are less susceptible to matting, and they can often go two or three months between grooming appointments. Those who choose to let their dogs keep their hair longer and ready for the show ring can expect to groom at least once every four to six weeks.    

When it comes to dog grooming in Perth, due to the heat, it is common for them to require a haircut once every four to eight weeks. If you prefer a professional brush, then one good grooming session every 1 to 3 months is enough for most dogs, provided that you regularly do quick brushes at home. Whether you see a professional for your dogs every six weeks or three times per year, it is best to give a bit of extra grooming a shot at home.    

Most owners of cats or dogs with longer hair choose to bring their pets to a groomer once every 4-6 weeks, whereas shorter-haired breeds can visit just every 8-12 weeks. Smaller, slick-coated breeds, such as the Chihuahua, may need to visit a dog groomer just once every 8 weeks. Even if your dog is one of these short-haired breeds, or one that ishairless, you will still have to arrange for grooming sessions every once in awhile.    

Just like bathing, how often to schedule grooming appointments or in-home cleaning sessions will vary depending on the breed of your dog and coat length. The frequency you will need to brush your dog depends on a combination of variables, including the breed, length and coat type, the amount of time spent outdoors getting filthy, and your climate. Your grooming methods will primarily depend on the coat your dog has, with each breed having a unique set of characteristics regarding their skin and hair.    

Every breed of dog has unique grooming needs, which are essential to good health. It is important to learn about the grooming needs of the particular breed of dog that you own, because they will differ depending on length and texture of coat. It can feel like a daunting process to get your dog groomed, especially if they have lots of wiry, undisturbed hair.