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  • June 29, 2022

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Popular Beach Homewares for Your Home

There is nothing better than spending the day by the seaside, soft sand underneath your feet and the summer weather on your skin. You are feeling relaxed and replenished, and when you leave, you wish you could take it all home with you.

Home decorating in the coastal style is straightforward, you don’t need a degree in interior design; and with a vast range of coastal or beach style furniture on offer, there are plenty of ways to add a coastal touch to your home.

Shells and Coral

Big and small seashells are something that beachy décors need to have. They are free, and you can find them just by exploring over the beach. You can display them as clusters on tray and dishes or scatter them around your bookshelves. Just be careful where you are collecting your shells from, as this can be against the law in some places.

Seagrass and Wicker

You can bring the outside to the inside using natural fibres. Cane, seagrass and wicker can work well for this and rattan can add some style to the room and is suitable for storing laundry, toys and other bits and pieces.


Like the seawater, using many different tones of blue as home furnishing can create a soothing environment. If you like cushions, then consider traditional stripes that will give off a nautical theme, but other different patterns can work. You will need to play around and see what works.

Popular Beach Homewares for Your Home


If you are feeling weary with colour, then you can use a neutral colour pallet. Play with different textures and layer natural materials for a more sophisticated look. Try going for cushions with shaggy, braided different weaves and trims. Lounges work well in cotton and mohair along with bookends and throws. Décor arranged in clusters on a console or sideboard table works well, and in shades of whites, creams and beiges for a very harmonious look. You can use wall-art strikingly if you want to bring life into the room, or a centrepiece in the room such as a pool or billiard table.

Lantern candle holders

There is nothing cosier than entertaining by the candlelight. When the sun goes down, candles offer a beautiful tabletop centrepiece. A wooden cluster of lanterns placed in entrances can show the beachy vibe.

Slipcover furniture for modern coastal living

For an easy and a relaxed beach-vibe décor look, consider adding slipcovers to chairs and sofas. Linen and cotton cover in white, beige and khaki can complement your design as well. Finish off the modern look with a few beach-themed pillow covers. The Australian beach style of homewares is also a lovely touch to your home.

Decorate your dining table

No matter how far away from the beach you live, you can always create the beachy-vibe look in any home. Add a beach-themed dining experience in your home with a coastal tablescape. You only need to add some tabletop elements and layer with plates, and plenty of silverware.

Here are a few items that you can add to your dining table:

  • Beachy napkin rings
  • Linen, striped napkins
  • Hurricane candle holders
  • Small accent plates in a nautical style
  • Hand blown glasses looking like sea glass
  • Table runner in a coastal look

There are so many ways you can create a beachy look at home. You just need to play around with a few different looks and see what you come up with, to suit your personality and your style.