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  • March 30, 2024

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Employees need enabling environments and support from employers to perform to a high standard. Without organisational performance, management will face many challenges. There’s a need to integrate workplace innovations that produce results. By incorporating some design elements into an office space, it will be easy for workers to connect with corporate goals and objectives. However, office managers should select competent professionals that can provide effective workplace designs. Various interior designers in Sydney can help an organisation to increase employee satisfaction and productivity.

Can Smart Workplace Design Improve Productivity?

We are seeing a wave of new design ideas in the 21st century, and there will be more innovation to come. It’s different from old design elements used to enhance office spaces. Colours and other types of decorative elements have psychological effects. Apart from their social influences, they can improve performance and employee engagement. The most modern office still maintains the pattern of standard cubicles, but with a touch of flexibility.

There’s a straightforward link between office design ideas and workplace productivity. The options of design elements are limitless with smart buildings and eco-friendly materials. To optimise business performance; every workplace needs some spark of creativity. With innovation, the designer can stimulate agility in workers and make them productive.

For example, regional offices of big corporations like Google have colourful and well-ventilated spaces. They also have functional amenities like meditation rooms, lounges, and onsite massage therapists for employees. While at work, fatigue can impact on an employee’s performance negatively. Therefore, these companies understand the need to install smart workplace design.

How to Improve Organisational Productivity with Smart Workplace Design

Lighting is a Great Design Element

Naturally, sunlight exposure can boost your energy levels. When planning architectural designs, the layout of a new or about-to-be remodelled office should allow for natural light. An office structure and layout that encourages daylight abundance is fundamental. Builders, designers, and architects can integrate roof-top glass panels that don’t prevent natural light from reaching workspaces. This design feature can save on the cost of lighting up electric bulbs, and inhibit melatonin production in employees. 

Other great options for natural light are LED lights and switches that have built-in sensors. Smart lighting systems are better than fluorescent lights because they conserve energy.

Office Space Enhancements with Colours

A smart workplace design means it’s sustainable. The designer should use productive decoration items. Bright colour accents like yellow and red help to energise employees, and make them productive. In workplace management, colours and design patterns can enhance office spaces. Colours have unique effects on nervous coordination and mental focus. Also, you can paint the walls of meeting rooms with shades of white and grey. Regardless of the colour palette, it’s crucial to understand employee opinions before enhancing the office space with any colour.

Designers have ways of making small office spaces appear bigger with less intrusive colours. With creative office interior design, they can control the intensity of natural light with a range of colour accents. Some of these colour tones include white, grey, blue, and green. Generally, light colours enhance the intensity of light and make it reflect well inside a room.

Use High-End Furniture 

Investing in high-quality furniture can reduce workplace fatigue. Usually, hardback chairs can trigger workplace ailments like shoulder pains for employees. They might develop muscular aches and poor posture. Generally, any type of office furniture with soft cushions and an adjustable backrest is comfortable. To increase workplace productivity, workers need to enjoy the comfort of well-designed furniture. Also, adjustable chairs can fit into tight workspaces. Regardless of the office layout, designers can customise an ideal set of furniture that will make employees feel comfortable.