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  • May 23, 2022

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Tourist looking at architecture

Melbourne is recognized as one of the best sports cities in the world. Located in Australia’s mainland, this place has all that it takes to impress sports fanatics. Being home to a variety of sporting activities this city is equipped with classy stadiums that are spacious and have the latest architectural designs. This has made the city of Melbourne to turn into a beacon for tourists, whether you are a sports fan or not you can spend part of your stay in Australia visiting these stadiums. This article highlights some of the stadiums that offer outstanding welcome tours to visitors.

The Melbourne Cricket Ground

Melbourne Cricket Ground is an iconic stadium that speaks volumes of the sports culture in this great city. If you intend to have an amazing tour experience coupled with a bit of learning this is the arena to be. The Melbourne Cricket Ground has numerous tour routes that will give you jaw-dropping sporting experience. The professional tour guides in place are welcoming and are trained to give the visitors a good Melbourne experience. Depending on your choice and preference you can go for private tours or group tours. Some of the venues, including the formal ones, you can visit include player change rooms, MCG Tapestry, take walks in the arena, MCC Library just to mention a few.

Marvel Stadium

Famously known as Marvel Stadium the Docklands stadium is also another place worth including in your visit list. Currently, it is the only stadium in this part of the city with a retractable roof and is known to be the first stadium to have a movable seating arrangement in the whole of Australia. The design used is also world-class making it a dream destination for a good number of sports fans. The Marvel Stadium tours is known to offer top-class educational tour experiences to its visitors. The tours take approximately one hour in which visitors can venture to different parts of the stadium. As a multi-purpose stadium, Marvel stadium has an endless list of activities that visitors can take part in. The Media Centre is a good place to be to get a real-life experience of what the players and coaches go through when addressing the media.

Boy holding a brochure

Rod Laver Arena

If you are a tennis fan this is the place to have the best touring experience. Famously known for hosting the Australian Open tennis tournament, the Rod Laver Arena attracts thousands of visitors every year. Tourists both local and international grace the Rod Laver Arena with their presence to have a feel of the tennis experience this place has to offer. The arena has a modern design that ensures players and fans are comfortable during their visit. The retractable roof is particularly worth noting as it comes in handy in dealing with adverse weather conditions.


The AAMI Park is an outdoors games stadium with a futuristic rectangular design. This place is known to attract many sports fans from all over the world. The tours provided here are long with some going for more than an hour. The tours take place both inside and outside the stadium, after having an inside glimpse the visitors can head outside to have a panorama view of the stadium from outside.

Melbourne Arena Tours

Melbourne Arena is known for hosting several games such as netball and basketball. The Australian Open tennis tournament is also partly hosted in this hired venue. Thus, the place is flooded with visitors in different seasons of the year. The management in place provides tourists with mind-blowing tour ventures that will leave you coming back for more.