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  • March 30, 2024

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family recreation ideas

Recreation does not have to be expensive to be fun! How much are you willing to pay for entertainment and fun? Where we live, there seems to be an endless list of things we do, and the majority of them cost quite a bit. There often appears to be a mindset that if you are going to have fun, you have to spend money, and the more money you spend, the more fun you’ll have. We want to challenge that notion. You can have fun, lots of fun with cheap recreation. And lots of laughter and lots of great memories and keep most of your cash in the bank.

Knowing Where to Search for Inexpensive Recreation Ideas

We’re convinced that meaningful memories can be created with little or no cost if you only know where to look. Whether it’s a date night, household get-together or outing, we’ve found heaps of ways to have a fun time without dropping lots of cash. Assess your sources like CraigsList, Local Newspapers, High School, Community College and University sites, Churches and community facilities and the list goes on and on.

Nature / Outdoor Events and Activities

If you are an avid sportsman, and/ or you travel, you can do them any time of year.

Visit City, State, and National Parks
Hiking Clubs
Political / Patriotic / Historical Activities
Historical Actions are also present in every city and can be very fascinating.

State Capitol Tour
Historical Reenactments
Holiday Celebrations

Holidays are on the calendar for every time of year. They have amazing activities associated with them. You or your family will enjoy these so much better.

And don’t forget that there is a whole lot of fun to be had at home. Home activities can be low stress, very economical, and lots of fun.

Board Game Nights
Volleyball / Basketball
Flag Football
Camping in your backyard
Roasting Marshmallows
Reading books aloud